Glad that you stopped by. The tools offered here are designed, developed, and manufactured by Lee Marshall, world renowned builder of the original Bonny Doon Engineering Hydraulic Press.

Each tool goes through an lengthy developmental process and testing by leading jewelers and metalsmiths, including:

David Anderson...Taos, NM

Jack Berry...San Clemente, CA

Jim Binnion...Bellingham, WA

Cynthia Eid...Lexington, MA

Phil Poirier...San Cristobal, NM

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By standard mail:
Knew Concepts
P.O. Box 1338
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Shipping Information:

Items normally ship within one week of order.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Full refund within 30 days if the unaltered item is returned in it's original packaging.